Cochranton, PA 16314


Bogardus Road and Dari Dell Road gravelling

Smith Heath single seal coat

Various Roads- grading and ditching

**This list is not all inclusive of the road work but is more specific for larger projects. 


To recycle computer components:

Staples 814-337-5515

Free collection, limit 6 per day.

Lincoln Metal 814-724-2241

Collects: Keyboards, mouse, printers, towers, Monitors. Some are for a fee, others are paid for.

ECS&R 814-425-7773

Collects electronics,TV's and computer monitors for a fee

To recycle fridges, freezers, vehicles, batteries and appliances, call Lincoln Metal.

To recycle household hazardous waste and batteries, call ECS&R.

To recycle cell phones, call Verizon, AT&T and other cell phone providers.

All regular Township Meetings are held at 7230 North Allen Road, Cochranton. The Township Building is handicapped accessible. Should you need assistance, please contact the Township Secretary 3 days prior to the meeting at 814-425-3299.


If you see an issue on a roadway, please contact us!

Shop Building:  814-425-2446

Office: 814-425-3299

2018 Township Meetings

                All Meetings are held at the "Election House"

                            7230 North Allen Road at 7 p.m.

                           January      2

                           February    12

                           March          12

                           April             9

                           May              14

                           June             11

                           July               9

                          August         13

                          Sept               10

                          October       8

                          November  12

                          December   10