Cochranton, PA 16314

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Ruth Graham will be retiring as the Township Tax Collector on December 31, 2021. Please thank her for her 32 years of service to the Township and its residents.

The results of the November 2nd Election will usher in a new Tax Collector. Please welcome Kim Dickson.

Her contact information will be provided by the end of January 2022. 

Real Estate & Per Capita

Ruth Graham, Tax Collector

**Please note: new address and phone number***

28263 Lake Creek Road, Cochranton, PA 16314


Office Hours:  Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am-2:45 pm   or   by Appointment

Extended hours at the end of the Discount, Face and Penalty Periods.

Spring Taxes received through the township are for the County and Township. Fall Taxes received through the township are for the School District with a separate Per Capita bill for the township. Each set of taxes has a discount, face and delinquent due date.

Earned Income

H. A. Berkheimer

Township Code: 200207

 www.hab-inc.com .hab-inc.com


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