Please Note:

As per the Law and Ordinance, ATV's and Snowmobiles may NOT travel on roads that are NOT designated.

Designated Roads must have  SIGNAGE.

At this time, the Township is working to secure the necessary signage and post on roads as soon as possible.

While we all enjoy riding and want to continue to do so, please be respectful of the homeowners who live on the Township roads. 

Loud exhaust, blaring music, 2 a.m. drive-thru and yards used as restrooms are not appreciated.




Cochranton, PA 16314

ATV Ordinance

​Notice is hereby given that the Wayne Township Board of Supervisors, Crawford County, Pennsylvania intends to consider and enact an Ordinance to permit the operation of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Snowmobiles on Township roads, at its regular meeting scheduled for September 14, 2020 beginning at 7 o’clock pm at the township building located at 7230 N. Allen Road, Cochranton. The title of the Ordinance is An Ordinance of Wayne Township To Permit All-Terrain Vehicle And Snowmobile Operation On Designated Township Roadways In Wayne Township, And Providing Penalties For Violations. A summary follows.

Section 1 authorizes the operation and use of ATVs and Snowmobiles on all public Township Roads in Wayne Township at any time of the year in accord with the provisions of the Pennsylvania Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle Law.

Sections 2-12 Use of ATVs and Snowmobiles on PennDOT and private roads, and on unposted roads in the Township is hereby not authorized or permitted. The ordinance prohibits use of ATVs and Snowmobiles that do not meet the requirements for operation on public roads, and in a manner prohibited under the All-Terrain Vehicle and Snowmobile Law. Amendments to the All-Terrain and Snowmobile Law shall be incorporated as regulations affecting the operation of ATVs and Snowmobiles. Violations of this ordinance and the All-Terrain and Snowmobile shall be summary offences that shall be prosecuted and enforced in accord with the applicable provisions of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and which may result in fines provided under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. The Ordinance repeals inconsistent ordinances and is effective in 5 days.

The full text of the Ordinance is available for inspection at the office of the newspaper in which the notice appears, at 7230 N. Allen Road, Cochranton, or online at The public is invited to attend and be heard.

Mary Kennedy