As per the PA State Law, the current months agenda is available in the link below.


            AGENDA, NOVEMBER 8, 2021

Call to order _______________ pm.

Attendees of the meeting:

Reading of minutes from October 11, 2021 Regular meeting.

Motion to accept as read/amended by__________, second __________, all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report for October 2021

            Motion to accept as read/amended by__________, second___________, all in favor.



Follow Up On:

Review Budget/Health Insurance

Motion ________ 2nd ___________ all in favor. Health Insurance:

Motion ________ 2nd ___________ all in favor to advertise the budget and 2022 Meeting Dates.

 Election House Maint/Door Handles           

Tabled: Cell Phones

 RFQ 1,000 ton 2A Gravel  Motion ________ 2nd_________ all in favor.

Fuel Bids  Motion ___________ for _________________________ to provide diesel fuel at $____________. Second ___________ all in favor.

 Davies Small Flow Septic application – issue. Motion _________ 2nd __________ to approve with Inspector/Maintenance Provider Clarification change in application, with all in favor.


Bogardus Bridge-submitted for Dirt & Gravel, along with Rynd Road

Thanks to the Seely’s for cleaning Election House from bees. Reimburse for curtains replaced.

Motion __________ 2nd __________. Seely abstained.

Motion __________Reimburse Rick Dunn for $______ for gas & batteries. 2nd _________ all in favor.

Motion ___________ to pay 324 miles @ $0.56 = $181.44 to Dick Pegan to pick up ATV & Snowmobile Signs. 2nd __________________ with all in favor.

Dickson Land Development/Earth Disturbance Permit App. Motion ___________, 2nd _________ to acknowledge receipt of notification with all in favor.

Cochranton Volunteer Fire Department Agreement Renewal- 2022?? Motion _________ 2nd ___________

to approve contract for __________ years at $____________ per year, with all in favor.


Next Meeting: Monday, December 12, 2021 Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

REMINDER: ReOrg and Regular Meeting is Monday, January 3rd

Motion to pay bills_______________second______________, all in favor.

Motion to adjourn_______________second_______________, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned _______________ (time)   e your paragraph here.




Cochranton, PA 16314